[House Rule] Play-by-Post Rules

Welcome back,

After careful considerations, I have decided to make this a play-by-post campaign. This will allow the game to start and continue at any point in time. Recently, my job has been changed, so I now sit at a computer for most of the day (I also will be getting paid more! :D)
What this means is that all of the rules still applies but there are a few additions:

  1. Posts are automatically saved in the log. You can play the game here:
  2. I refuse to play the game like an RP session. With that in mind, the game runs as if it were a tabletop meaning you still have to make die rolls. To make a die roll go to this website: http://www.invisiblecastle.com. In your post you put the result in parenthesis… stabs his sword into the gut of the dragon (Atk: 26, Dmg: 19).. and then link your die rolls down at the end of the post. The website lists all of your roll history and you can even separate by campaign so there should be no mistakes and no cheating.
  3. Note that when a monster/enemy appears (I might even consider putting any character the players meet) I will post it’s stats so that the players can roll and effect in thier posts immediately. It should look something like this: Your concentration on the lock is suddenly shattered by the sound of chittering coming from behind you. You whirl around to see kobolds [AC: 19, HP: 10, Saves: 3,6,2] charging at you with spears pointing at your face! [Surprise round init: 19]..
  4. Posts should be of moderate size. You should continue until you cannot continue any longer which could be: The end of your turn in combat, waiting for a response about something important, etc. In the case of die rolls, if you cannot determine the result with the stats given (for example sneaking up on someone) assume that you succeed. Posts can be edited after the fact.

Good luck and try not to die.


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