[House Rule] Time is Everything

So, this is the first true houserule for this campaign. I notice that in most of the campaigns that I have taken part of, my allies seem to take a large amount of time to sort things out, come up with ideas, deal with conflicts, etc. Which is fine; however, I want to stress the importance of time in this campaign. The characters in the world have to deal with the constant threat of the Ink, but if the players can simply move at their leisure then this ideology goes to waste.

With that in mind, time will be a factor in this campaign.

When not in combat, time moves on a 1:1 ratio. And things that could be taken as actions, such as “talking about what to do” will be transferred into the game. For example, if the players have a hostage and they start talking about if they are going to kill after they interrogate him, and that hostage is in the same room, he will hear it and act accordingly.

When in combat time moves like normal combat suggests. In 6 Second increments. With that in mind. Talking is indeed a free action but it is limited. On your own turn you can make 3 sentences. These can be broken up into a fewer shorter ones, and of course longer ones will be split. You may sacrifice a sentence to get a response from one of your allies but unless you do this, they cannot talk.

Mage: “Warrior, can you come over here and block for me?”
Warrior: “Sure, I cannot really block but I can grapple that guy and take him off you.”
Mage: “Cool. That should be enough.”

The exception to this rule is questions to the DM, like rule questions and so on. If it’s not your turn, please do not talk. Infractions will come out of XP totals. You do gain RP exp for following this rule, but you’ll also lose it for breaking it.


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