[FEATS] Wounding & Called Shot feats. Aim for the throat!

With the new house rules, I have created a few feats that should help you and your character adapt to the changes.

  • Improved Called Shot [Combat]
    • Description: Called shots from melee range no longer put you out of position
    • Benefit: You do not provoke attacks of opportunity whenever you attempt a called shot when in melee range. In addition, the penalties to hit specific areas of a target’s bodies are reduced by one.
  • Greater Called Shot [Combat]
    • Description: You have an excellent understanding on how to create weaknesses on your opponents.
    • Prerequisites: Improved called shot, Base attack bonus +4
    • Benefit: The penalty to hit specific body parts of targets is reduced by an additional one. This stacks with Improved called shot giving you a total reduction of two.
  • Mutilator [Combat]
    • Description: You are more efficient when creating wounds on opponents bodies.
    • Prerequisites: Improved Called Shot, Base attack bonus +3
    • Benefit: Whenever you successfully land a called shot and subsequently cause a wound, its severity is increased by one step. So, an attack that wound normally cause a minor wound, instead causes a moderate one.
  • Aim for the throat [Combat]
    • Description: You are extremely proficient at causing wounds on your favored enemy.
    • Prerequisites: Favored enemy class feature.
    • Benefit: You know the anatomy of your favored enemy to the extent that you can cause wounds to them with ease. Penalties to called shots are reduced by two against your favored enemy. Also, you take no DIA (difference in anatomy) penalty when dealing with them. You also grant a +1 circumstance bonus to allies whenever they attempt a called shot on a target who is your favored enemy.
    • Special: This feat can be taken multiple times; however, its effects do not stack. Instead each subsequent feat applies to a different favored enemy.
  • Walk it off
    • Description: Your body’s natural resiliency has allowed you to adapt more to dealing with wounds.
    • Prerequisites: Toughness
    • Benefit: For a number of rounds per day equal to your hit die, you can shrug off the effects of a wound. These rounds do not need to be in order. Note that it only shrugs off the effect and not the damage it deals. So a person with this feat can run normally when they have a leg wound; however, they still take the bleed damage per round.
  • Accelerated Healing
    • Description: You heal wounds faster than the average person
    • Prerequisites: Con 15+
    • Benefit: Your high constitution allows you to heal wounds faster than most. The time it takes to heal your wounds is reduced by 25%. This means that a wound that would take you 4 weeks to heal only takes 3. This includes magical healing as well.

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