[FEATS] Ink related feats that just might save your life.

After being a part of this world, it is not unlikely that people would have started to become adapted to the ink environment. Here are a few feats that might help shed a little light into what is otherwise pitch black.

  • Ink Adaptation
    • Description: One of your senses has become mildly proficient at dealing with the ink.
    • Benefit: You can now perceive things much better than most. Based off hearing, you can tell if something is moving within 30 ft. of your  position and you can see it if its within 15 ft. The vision from this is hazy at best and you cannot determine exact information, so beyond size you could not determine exactly who it might be or get detailed facial information. This also doesn’t give you greater knowledge of the area. You still cannot determine the features of a room that you have not been in until its within 5 foot.
  • Greater Ink Adaptation
    • Description: Your senses have evolved to the point of competence within the ink.
    • Requirements: Ink Adaptation, Perception 7 Ranks.
    • Benefit: Similar to Ink Adaptation; however, with double the range. So, you can hear movement within 60ft, and see it within 30. You can also see detail within 15 ft. So people within 15 ft are easily identifiable as well as objects so long as they’re within 15 feet.
  • Picture Memory
    • Description: So long as you have been within an area once, you remember where everything is so long as it has stayed the same.
    • Benefit: You have realized that the key to success while living in the ink lies in memory. So long as nothing within an area has changed, if you have been there once you can easily remember exactly where everything was and navigate through it. This means means that new areas do not count as difficult terrain so long as you’ve been there once.
  • Chessboard of the Mind [Teamwork]
    • Description: So long as they don’t lie, you can tell your teammates where they are in relationship to the area.
    • Prerequisites: Picture Memory,  Int 14+
    • Benefit: So long as you are in direct communication with them, you can direct your allies on where to move based on memory and spacial awareness.  So long as they do not lie to you, you can predict their movements and guide them so that they do not collide with misc. objects within the area. This means that allies within 100 feet of you can ignore half their movement speed of difficult terrain in relationship to the ink, so long as you’re within an area that qualifies for Picture Memory. Effectively this means allies can move 75% of their movement speed within the ink, or charge so long as they only move half their movement speed.
  • Ink Eye [Heritage]
    • Description: You were born with the ability to see through the ink; however, this makes those you meet extremely distrustful of you.
    • Prerequisites: Character Level 1
    • Benefit: You were born with one eye that was capable of seeing through the ink. You can see clearly within 60ft of you, including terrain; however, this ability is obvious and appears like a curse on your body. As such, the eye itself is black and the iris is clouded over as if blinded. It cannot see during the day but your normal eye cannot see during the ink. The eye also produces a murky black liquid at seemingly random times rendering it obvious to anyone who sees you. Anyone you come into contact with, including animals, start out as one step towards hate when you meet them for the first time. While this does not mean they will attack you on contact, it does mean they will not be willing to work with you or those who are your obvious colleagues until you increase favor with them.

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