How to navigate Perpetual Black: the blog

How this site works:

This site is a kind of companion guide for the players of the campaign and those who are simply following along out of morbid curiosity. With this in mind, posts of this site are carefully categorized in order to keep relevant information easily accessible. These categories are as follows:

  • Campaign History – This section is dedicated to logging the gameplay sessions of the party. Usually this is broken down into a bullet-point list that lightly touches every achievement of the party. For example, one point might be “spoke to Davick Soren about scratches being found on the front doors of homes, after Ink”. While this information isn’t extremely detailed, it tells players what they should look for in further sections of the site.
  • Campaign News – Here, information regarding the game as a whole can be found. In most cases this will be about out of game events, like the game being postponed due to certain circumstances or maybe other people joining the campaign as spectators or PCs. Information from this section will usually be on the front of the site because it should require the least amount of information gathering from other categories.
  • Location Dossiers – This section revolves around each of the locations that the players visit or hear about. This will not, however, have any information that the party does not already have or isn’t widely known. For example, it will have the respective leaders of each town are or where that town gets it’s income from.
  • Persons Dossiers – Posts located here hold information regarding people or organizations that the party has come into contact with by either meeting them in person or simply by hearing information about them. While this information will be highly detailed, it will only contain information that the players already know, or can be assumed and/or gathered from other sources. For example who the person is married to, and their occupation.
  • Quest Tracker – This section is another list-based type. Here, players can see what quests they have active and what is the next expected objective. This includes rumors that they might have heard or simple questions that are asked of them by NPCs.
  • Rulings – Here, players can read up on homebrew rules and active effects that the might change how dice rolls are handled or what they can and cannot do. Information is listed here and explained so that no questions need be asked of the DM directly and players do not feel cheated due to lack of information.
  • The Party – This section could potentially be the most updated section in the entire blog.  Here, players can get detailed information about that status of the PCs. This includes the injuries that they have received and how much time it will take for them to heal. More information regarding wounds can be found in the section above.
  • The Setting – Finally, the last and probably most important section. This will include information about the setting as a whole, like how the Ink works, what the people are like in general, and even how they respond to changes in the weather. This section is made for players and spectators to really get themselves immersed in the world and gain information as their character sees it.

Remember that all the information on these pages are meant to organize and keep track of information that the players have already received. While I will be maintaining it, for the most part, it is up to the party to gather the information required to fill it by asking the right questions and witnessing the right events.


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